Beyond this workshop

Now that you completed the guided tour, explore beyond this workshop, and try out some advanced concepts.
Some suggestions:

  1. Have you explored the journey metrics yet?
  2. Use the API to programmatically add an A/B action to a journey
    • Install and configure the SDK
    • Export a journey that you created earlier, e.g. the Activate inactive users
    • Read and modify the exported JSON file
    • Add an A/B action to the journey, with different subject lines to test which one performs better
    • Upload a new version of the journey that includes the A/B test
  3. Configure your project to stream events to Amazon S3 for processing
    • What integrations do you need that this is useful for?
    • How do you generate reports for this data?
  4. Create a project and use the Analytics category in AWS Amplify to send user attributes and events to Amazon Pinpoint