Configure email

In this workshop you use Email to send personalized email messages to your customers.

On the Configure features page, choose Project features > Email/Configure to Set up email.

If you closed the Amazon Pinpoint Console, open it again and navigate to your project > Settings > Email/Manage > Identity details/Edit.
Check the box Enable the email channel for this project. Enable the email channel for this project Select Identity type Email address and Verify a new email address.

Set up Email

Type an email address that you will use to send email. For example, you can use your personal email address, or your work email address. Click the Verify button and keep this page open.

Set up email

Many mail systems support the wildcard local parts notation eg fred@domain, then fred+foo@domain . However, these are treated as individual accounts in Amazon Pinpoint, each needing individual verification.

Amazon Pinpoint sends a confirmation email to your address. Click the link in the message to verify your address.

Confirm your email address

Return to the Set up email page of the Amazon Pinpoint console. Your email address shows as verified. Click the Save button.

Your email address is now verified. You are ready to send email messages.

Sandbox environment

We use a sandbox environment to help protect our customers from fraud and abuse. In the sandbox environment you can send email only to addresses that you have verified.

To learn more about the sandbox environment, visit Requesting Production Access for Email in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

Add additional email recipients

Since your project is in a sandbox environment, you need to validate all addresses to which you want to send emails. To add additional email addresses, open your project in the Amazon Pinpoint Console. Navigate to Settings > Email > Identity Details > Edit. Now you can verify additional email identities.