Activate overview

Guide Inactive users through activities to activate them. No customers in this journey have engaged with your product. They are part of the dynamic segment you created earlier.

When a customer who visits your site in any part of this journey they become active. They exit the Inactive users segment and this journey. They join the Active users segment and start the Engage active users journey.

graph TD; A((Start)) -- Segment: Inactive users --> 20("Wait 'X' hours") 20 --> 50{Segment condition:
Is user still inactive?} 50 -- Yes --> 60(Email:
Send incentive to come back) 50 -- No --> 300((End)) 60 --> 70("Wait 'X' hours") 70 --> 80{Segment condition:
Is user still inactive?} 80 -- Yes --> 90(Email:
Offer help) 80 -- No --> 400((End)) style A fill:#FF9900 style 300 fill:#FF9900 style 400 fill:#FF9900

Message templates

Create two new email message templates. Each message is designed for its particular user engagement/activity. Follow the process you are already familiar with from the Create a message template step.

  1. Message template: Send incentive to come back
    Template name: Activate-DiscountCode
    Subject: Activate-Discount code
    Message: Copy/paste the source code for the Activate-DiscountCode email

  2. Message template: Offer help
    Template name: Activate-OfferHelp
    Subject: Activate-Offer Help
    Message: Copy/paste the source code for the Activate-OfferHelp email