Activate inactive users

Building the Journey

From within the console on the left hand navigation bar click on “Journeys” and subsequently click on Create Journey on the top right hand side of the page.


Before we start building the Journey lets give it a name by editing the box on the top right and call the Journey Activate Users.


1. Journey Entry

The first stage of creating a Journey is defining the Journey Entry point, what it is that causes members to enter the Journey.

In this Journey we are going to use the InActive Users segment we created earlier and specify that we want new users to be added to the segment automatically every hour. In doing this it is possible to have Journeys run on a repeatable fashion without you needing to schedule the task. It is also possible to run the Journey as a ‘One off’ by choosing to never add new segment members.

  1. Chose the inactiveUsers Segment
  2. Specify to run once every 1 hours
  3. Click Save.


2. Adding Activities

Users can now successfully enter the Journey.

  1. Click on the + Symbol


3. Wait

Within Pinpoint we give you the facility to perform a Wait stage, this means that instead of sending a number of emails concurrently we can specify we want the Journey to continue after a period of time or at a specific time.

  1. Click on the Plus symbol
  2. Choose Wait.
  3. Select Period of Time
  4. Set the amount of time to 1 hour
  5. Click Save


4. Yes/No Split

We want to establish whether the user still remains in the inactiveUsers dynamic segment we created earlier. If they have left this segment the Journey for that user should end.

We will be performing a Segment condition type - this means we will be perform logic to determine if the user is in that segment.

  1. Select condition type Segment
  2. Chose the inactiveUsers segment.
  3. Click Save.


5. Send Email

On the “Yes” branch we now want to send a followup email so we are going to send out the Activate-DiscountCode Message we configured earlier.

  1. Click on the Plus symbol below the green Yes box.
  2. Choose Send email.
  3. Select the Activate-DiscountCode template
  4. Choose Sender email address configured in the Getting started Lab
  5. Click Save


If the user is NOT in the inacetiveUsers segment we want the Journey to end so we will not add a step below the red No box. The user Journey will end.

6. Add subsequent Inactive User steps

Following the same process as 5 & 6 introduce another Yes/No Split as a consequence of a Segment condition for the Activate-OfferHelp email.

Complete Journey

Once you have completed all of the steps above your Journey should resemble the below image activeJourney

Review and Publish

If you have successfully followed the above steps you will now be in a position to publish your Journey. At the top right of the screen click on Review. activeJourney

If there are any errors you will be given a message to explain where to fix in your Journey, if not your Journey will be ready to go, click on Next. activeJourney

You can now click Publish, once you publish a Journey you can no longer edit it. You are able to duplicate a flow if you do want to modify it in the future. Click on Publish - you are done!