Choose your region

Amazon Pinpoint regions

Amazon Pinpoint offers support for multiple regions. The resources in each region are independent of similar resources in other regions. Amazon Pinpoint is available in the following regions:

  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • EU (Frankfurt)
  • EU (Ireland)
  • Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

Choose a Region

In the AWS Management Console, choose a service to go to that service’s console.

On the navigation bar, choose the name of the currently displayed Region.

Region selector

When you choose a Region, that Region becomes the default in the console.

If you have created AWS resources, but you don’t see those resources in the console, the console might be displaying resources from a different Region. Some resources (such as Pinpoint projects) are created in a specific Region. To see them, use the Region selector to choose the Region in which the resources were created.

AWS Global Infrastructure

You can learn more about the AWS Global Infrastructure on this interactive map.